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Before you enroll in a class, you need permission from your counselor and administration. If you are enrolling at a community college, please be sure to sign the K-12 permission slip (must be signed by your counselor) and submit to the campus at the admissions office. Due to Covid restrictions, please download form here. Sign forms then scan and email to Mr. Miramontes.

From the Cal State Website:
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Choosing to study at UC is a major decision, but we’re confident you’re making the right one.

Each campus offers an incredible range of experiences and academic programs. Whether you want to be in a big city, nestled in a redwood forest or on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, there's something for everyone.

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Oasis & Ivy / Palomar College Dual Enrollment Programs 2020

Oasis & Ivy High School students can get a head start on college with the Palomar College Dual Enrollment program while attending High School. FUHSD students may earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Tuition and textbooks are no cost to students.    

Oasis & Ivy High School students must obtain a Palomar College student ID # to enroll.

Before applying to college you must first have an OpenCCC account.

What is Palomar Promise?

The Palomar Promise program was launched in 2017. The program has since expanded to include all first-time college students. In an effort to increase accessibility of our program, we have removed previous eligibility restrictions such as school district, recent graduation year, and school type. Students must be a California resident or from an eligible exempt group (i.e. AB 540 and military dependents).

The Palomar Promise offers up to two years of free course enrollment and related registration fees, textbook assistance, and access to specialized academic and career planning with related support services to first-time college students who meet the eligibility requirements. Palomar Promise is funded using a combination of state, federal and local funding resources.

*Program benefits subject to available funding.